Jok3r is a Python3 CLI application which is aimed at helping penetration testers for network infrastructure and web black-box security tests.

The goal is to save as much time as possible during network/web pentests by automating as many security tests as possible in order to quickly identify low-hanging fruits vulnerabilities, and then spend more time on more interesting and tricky stuff !

Jok3r supports many network services 

And so many toolbox included 

Given a website or IP address, you have the possibility to run many automated security checks against the target and add the results in a database called “mission”.

Jok3r has a toolbox available for many products as you can see below:

We can have detailed information about a specific service. Taking example of http, we can see the available tools available.

It’s a very nice tool to have a look at. Here is the link to get it

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