OSINT is a crucial phase in a pentest  as it provides valuable insights and information about the target organization’s digital footprint, potential vulnerabilities, and attack surface. By gathering intelligence from publicly available sources, pentesters can identify weak points and plan targeted attacks.

One tool that may help in OSINT is Shodan https://www.shodan.io/ which is a powerful search engine that helps pentesters identify internet-connected devices and systems. For example, a pentester using Shodan might search for vulnerable webcams by specifying keywords like “webcam” and “default password.”

Below is a list of alternative of shodan:

1. zoomeye.org

2. viz.greynoise.io

3. leakix.net

4. censys.io

5. onyphe.io

6. app.binaryedge.io

7. hunter.io

8. wigle.net

9. ghostproject.fr

10. Ivre.rocks

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