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I am excited to announce the release of payload_launcher, a cutting-edge custom BurpSuite plugin developed by myself in Python that streamlines the process of identifying web vulnerabilities. With payload_launcher, you no longer have to rely solely on manual testing, which can be time-consuming and prone to overlooking critical vulnerabilities. By automating the entire process, this plugin enhances the efficiency and accuracy of vulnerability discovery.

payload_launcher comprises two powerful modules that work in tandem to provide a comprehensive vulnerability detection solution. The first module, the payload launcher, takes charge of automating the payload sending process. As the tool traverses through each link encountered during its browsing process, it systematically sends payloads to every form it encounters. This meticulous approach ensures a thorough examination of potential vulnerabilities.

The second module, burp_bug_notifier, is an indispensable BurpSuite plugin designed specifically for vulnerability detection. Seamlessly integrated with BurpSuite, it instantly notifies you whenever a vulnerability is detected.

With burp_bug_finder, you can significantly expedite the vulnerability discovery process while minimizing the chances of missing crucial security issues. Say goodbye to manual testing frustrations and unlock a new level of efficiency in your web security practices. Don’t miss the opportunity to try out this game-changing plugin for yourself and elevate your web application security to new heights.

[Link to download and install payload_launcher]

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